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Serm..3. be dlfcoveredandMortified ? 49 and fo more fit for action ; I am fure this may be faid concerning the right hand. Indeed I conceive it an hard matter to prove, that by divine appoint- ment one hand Ihould be moreufeful than the other : but as God hath given us two eyes, and two ears, fo two hands, w ufe both indifferently, and that if need required theone might fupply the lofs of theother : if any, methinks the left hand fhould be preferred, becaufe it is neared theheart, the fountain of life, and a &ivicy : but Chritl: takes them, as he finds them,as he doth in many other cafes, and as we have ordered the matter, the right hand is more aliveand prong than theother,and fo more precious : but to our purpofe. Some,I fay, by the right eye, and the right hand, undertfand our belo- ved lafis ; is is the ufage of theSpirit of God in the Scriptures, in a figurative way to exprefs corruption by the parts and members of our bodies : foSr.Patil,Rom.7.23. 1 fee another lam /limy members, warring Romy,z3. aping the law of my mind, and bangingme into captivity to the law o ffin, which is inmy members ? and the fame Apollle, Co1.3.5.A'fcrtifae there- Co1.,3, foreyeur members, which are upon theearth, fornication, ancleanne¡.l, inordi- nate offal on, &c. as the members of the natural body need cafligation, I Cor.9.27. I keep under mybody,andbring it into fnbjeElion, fo the them- t Cor.p.ny, bers of the Gnful body needmortification : and here in the Text fin is expreffed by the right eye and the right hand. a. If thy right eye ogend thee,in the Greek it is eUv t ;ei Cr53 fcanda- lize thee,hinder thee in a way of duty: for you mu( note,that obedience and holinefs is often in Scripture reprefenced unto us,by a way ; togive you one place for all, Praha 19.1. Blipped are the undefiled in the way, who Pfai.1 t g.1. wale in the lawof the Lord : and men are faid tobeoffended,when fome- thing caufes them to (fumble, or fall in this'way.Sin is as it were a block or (lone, at which menHumble and fall : let himwhich thiekethhefitand- eth, take heed le/I he fall. 3. Pltecleit out, and call it from thee ; cat it ofand call it from thee, a Metaphor taken from Chirurrions, wholeminner it is,when the whole body is endangered by any part, to cut it offme pars fancera trahatur : but before I leave thefe exprellìons, take notice of the Emphafis that is in them, in there particulars. 1. 'Tis not faid, fuffer thy right eye to be'p!ucked our, or thy right hand to becut off : but thou thy felf,pinck it out, andcart itfrom thee, cut iì of and call it from thee: tonote two things. 1. That we our felves muff engage in the mortifying of our lulls : Sinners with their own hands, mepull out their owneyes. 'Tis not enough H ca