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Serm.3. be difcvveredand Mortified? 57 4. Menhave diltindt and particular waies of breeding ana education, and upon that account have their particular fins. The child that hears his Father and Mother fwear, is like to fwear roo. That child that hath frequently wine, and (lrongdrink given to it by the Parents, when it is young, 'Lis likely may get a fmatch of fir, and love to ir, and fo prove intemperate, when it is old. Jofeph by living, in the Court of Pharaoh, learned to fwear the Court Oath. Man is Cc, ov 1l-urid a creature very much given to imitation. Examples have a verygreat inñuence on men, both in reference to venues and vices, efpeciaily to the lacter;we catch (icknefs one of another, but we do nor catch health : For inflance, the Scripture fpeiking of the for. of 7ereboarn, tels us, That he did that , Re .r ., which was evil in the fight of the Lord, as hisfathershad done, he depar- ted notfrom thefins of 7erobo4m the fon of Nebat, who made 1fragil to fin. He. writ after his Fathers copy, and therefore the fins of his Father in a particular manner is taken notice of by the Spirit of God in that place. So 2 Sann.6.2o. you have an account of Michaels jeering of DaL z Sarri.6.10. vid, becaufe hedanced before the Are, and you will find that Ilae is called there not the 'vife of David, but the Daughter of Saul. And Mi- chalthe daughter of Saul came out to meet David, and faid, how gloriotat avas the King of Ifrael to day, who uncoveredhimfelf today in the eyes of the handmaids sf hisfervanrs, as eneof the vain fellows ihamelefly uncove- rethhirifelf ! Nowwhy is the called there the dauPhterof Saul ? be- caufe [lie had learned this wickednefs from her father : We havewoful experience of this in our daies. Formerly peoplecould fay, Pfa444.i. pfal.44 r. We have heard with our ears, O God, ourfathers have told us, what works thou didfl in their daies, in the times of' old. Truly the people of thisge- neration may fay, we heard our fathers fwear,and curfe,and fcolie,and mock at the waìes of God ; in reafon wemay exile t mens manners to lure theiredacotiox. Thus much shall fuflhce to have been fpoken to the third particular propounded to bedifcuffed, that is to fay, how it comes to pals, that particular perlons have their proper and particular fins, and thus muck allo for the dotirimalpart. 4. The fourth and Tall thing is the Ufs and Applicariots of this to our felves. Af e I . For LamextAtion and Humiliation in the pretence of God this day we trouble our felves about other mens fins, Magiaraces fins, Minifters fins, as the `Pharifee, Lord I thank thee, 1 am not agi other menare, an Extortioner, an Adulterer, &c.or or this Publican. Z And