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Senn. 3. be dsfcoveredandMortified ? a 65 perance,here is a law laid upon our looks: that command which forbids a fin, forbids alfo thole things thar have a tendency thereunto, as is oh- ferved by learned Commentators on the DecalegNe, fometimes this is cx- prefed in Scripture: the Commandment that forbids Adultery ,takes in all caufes and occafions thereunto: thus Solonaen fpeaking of an Harlot, Prov. 5.8. Remove thy way far from her, and come not nigh the door of herhoafe : Harlots like peRilcntial difeafes, make the houles infedtious where they are,and therefore come not nigh the door of herhostfe: I Thef, 5.22. Avoid all appearance of evil: I know there are fo:ne that dillike the rranflation of HJ`& by appearance, and rather think it fhouldbe ex- pounded fort or kind; but whether the word is taken in aLogical notion, in the whole book of God is very queflionable, and therefore why we fhoald depart from the current and Bream f Expofitors, and the fence of our learned Tranflators, I knew nor. When God would forbid the fin of injufice, felling wares by falfeweights, mark how it is expreffed, Thoujhatt not have in thy bag divers weights, a great and afinell. It was a Deur.z 5.13. fin not only to fell wares by one fort of weights, and take wares in by another : but to have agreat, andfmall weight in his bag . God wouldnot have us come near the fin of injuflice. Hence alto is that caution of St. fohn, Littlechildren keep your felves from Idols ; if you would avoid i Juh.s.z T. Idolatry, beware of Idols, he that would not bear the Bell,m,af not meddle with the Rope. 4. Prayunto God, that thou mayfl not fall into filch a condition, as may draw forth that corruption, that thou arc mofi prone to : this was that whichundid 3xdaó, he was naturally enclined to unjufl gain, and he had the Office of carrying thebag ; and thus his putt was drawnforth. When a man is apt to be high-mirìded, it is a fnart to be in an high place : when a man is paflionate, it is fad to convene alwaies or motily with thofe, that are kindle-coals that by provocations and unworthy carriages, are calling fire-balls into a mans foul, and he having a gun- powder nature, is in a flame prefently. And the nearer the relations in this cafe the worfe. It is fad when my next neighbours bode icon fire, but 'tis worfe when mine own is on fire : it is a promife made to the peopleof God, that all conditions of life,and all paffages ofprovidence flallwork together for their good; and therefore the contrary, when our conditions and relations make for the worfe, efpecially with refe- rence untoour fouls, it nauf+needs *very fad. S. Learn to fufpeil rhinos chat are `delightful, Gen.3.6. The xnoraaj. jaw that the tree wsu good for food, Ord that it roan pleafant to the eyes. Carnal pleafures are forbidden fruit: Agrippina poyfoned her husband l In '1 /.