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Serro.3. thine own Executioner ? plack oral thy right eye ? cut off thy right hand ? A mans fin is k:imfelf ; to deny ungodhnefs,ts to deny thy felt ; this is a kind of cr.+4zaXeieut, Pelf-murther : Noman everyet hatedhis own flefh. Is there nogetting to heaven, unlefs a man leave htmfelf behind ? This is berm fcrnro,an hardPaying: As Neuman the Syrian,2 Reg.5.18.When my wafrergoeth into the heufe of Rimmen, to worJhip there,a>rd he leaneth on my hand, and 1 bow myfelf in thehaute of Rimmon, the Lord pardon thyfer- vant in tbù thing: So the finner,the Lordpardon thyfcrvant in this thing. The young man in theGofpel tells Chriii, that he had kept all the colt- Mark e.i®, mandmentsfrom his youth : but whenChriíl faid tohim ; Ono thing thou zc. lackeft, gee thy way, fell whatfoever thou haft andgive to thepoor, and thou jhalt have creatures in heaven, andcome and take up thy crefs andfollowme: Herehe flicks, ver.22. ire wadfadat that faying,andwent away grieved, for hehad great poffefens, or his great poífeilions had him Alas, this poor young man little thought,thac notwtchilanding his forwardnefs to keep the Commandments, he was under the power of worldly lull. On Sirs 1 there is great ftrengtb in a river, when it runsfmoothly, andwithout noife. Motive 2. As there fins are the greateff hinderaicces of the fouls clofing with Chrift, fo theyprove the greatcft trouble to the foul afterwards. Your Eye-finwill prove your eye-fore, yet, and your heart-fore : My meaning is, your confcience will fuller moil upon the accoant of this fin all your dales. Thus yob,cap.i 3.26. Thouwriter, bitter things againft me,aud >laa- kef} me to peffefs the iniquities of my youth. When a mans confcience is difquieted and tormented for the fins of his yourh,then he may be faid to poffefs them : yea, it may occa(ion nor only grief, but guilt. Ofall fins, this is many times Loft unmortified even after Mortification : Souldiers that have received wounds and bruifes when young, have fmarted by themwhen they have been old. There aremanygeed fouls, that after curehavegone to heaven, halting on the oldmaim. Motive 3. Themortifying of our darling lull, our right-eye fin, and our right- hand finis a choice evidence of regeneration:truthofgrace bath as much as any waybeen declared thus. Paul after converfion, becomes a Prea- Aas /9,19; cher ofthat name,which hebefore blafphemed. Thofe of Ephefrca that were given to witchcraft, and forcery, after their converfion, brought their beoks together, andburned them before all men : and many other in- fiances of the likenature are urged by Divines to this purpofe. Cranmer that had fubfcribed the Popi$l Articles with his right hand; afterwards at be difcowertd Mortified ? 69