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THE APOSTLES WERE FELLOW-SHEPHERDS. 89 then St Peter received, but also with him all we priests received it."' " Our Lord," says St Chrysostom, " committed bis sheep to Peter, and to those which came after him; "a that is, to all Christianpas- tors, as the scope of his discourse shows. " When it is said to Peter," says St Augustine, " it is said to all, ` Feed my sheep.' "3 " And we," says St Basil, " are taught this" (obedience to supe- riors) " by Christ himself constituting St Peter pastor after himself of the church (for, ` Peter,' says he, ` dost thou love me more than these ? Feed my sheep'), and conferring to all pastors and teachers continually afterward an equal power" (of doing so) ; " whereof it is a sign that all do in like manner bind and loose as he."4 St Austin comprises all these considerations in these words: " And indeed, brethren, that which a pastor is, he gave also to his members; for both Peter was a pastor, and Paul a pastor, and the rest of the apostles were pastors, and good bishops are pastors."5 How could these great masters more clearly express their mind, that our Lord in those words to St Peter inculcated a duty no wise peculiar to him, but equally together with him belonging to all guides of the church; in such manner, as when a master presses a duty on one servant, he thereby admonishes all his servants of the like duty? Whence St Austin says that St Peter in that case " sus- tained the person of the church;"e that which was spoken to him belonging to all its members, especially to his brethren the clergy. " It was," says Cyril, " a lesson to teachers, that they cannot otherwise please the Arch-pastor of all, than by taking care of the welfare of the rational sheep."' 8. Hence it follows that the sheep, which our Saviour bids St v Quas oves, et quem gregem non solum tune B. suscepit Petrus, sed et cum eo nos suscepimus omnes.Arabr. de Sacerd., ii. Te orpóßa.ra 8mó¡ IIimpa, zai moi; tu., 6,7202 iveZEipurs.Chrys. de Sacerd., i. 3 Cum dicitur Petro, ad omnes dicitur, Pasce oves meas. Aug. de Agone Christ., xxx. 4 Kai morimau trap' Zan;, Xprvmaü rarStuópeEia, Ilkpov rorpaiva par 6,,744, P;j; 1z0,104a; zathammvma;, Mays, yap Qnvi, 00.17; pas rXiov maúmav; orolizarve ma rrpóßaaá eau' zai ráv 767; i¢Fç sapiar zai SSazEíxr .14), lanv trapixaYma; i avvízv' 1, zai marimou anpas7ov mó Ssom.s v ravma; ópeaía;, Xa1 XÚEIV wvtrip lxv va;. Bas. Const. Mon., cap. xxii. 5 Et quidem, fratres, quod pastor est, dedit et membris suis; nam et Petrus pastor, et Paulus pastor, et cnteri apostoli pastores, et boni episcopi pastores. Aug. in Joh., tract. xlvii. s Ut ergo Petrus quando ei dictum est, Tibi daboclaves, in figura personam gestabat ecclesiæ, sic et quando ei dictum est, Pasce oves méas, ecclesite quoque personam in figura gestabat.4ug. in Ps. cviii. oú trp"e !spin; Ss ma7mo p4ávav sipnmar, á7.aä zai rpó; izavmov ñpv,+v may za1 parxpdv iparErlas,upaivav rorpavlay.--Chrys. in Matt. xxiv. Or. 77. r, This was not spoken to those priests only, but to every one of us, who have the care even of a little flock committed to us." 7 AiNvezáxor; S1 yvavr; Ná see mn'iv rpoxEr4nn EloßißnKE AEapia;, a`e aúz áy imipae Ei psa Tás.sav mw rávmav ápzrrapeivr, Ei par, li; mäv 7.ayrzwv rpoßámav sirpwvmiat, zai mñ; a; mó Iú viva, Srapaov77; raurvfo povmíáa. Cyril., ibid.