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X CONTENTS. FAGS Twelfth Assumption SUPREME JUDGE.Synods have condemned erroneous popes, 341 Thirteenth Assumption INFALLIBILITY. Popes have erred, in the judgment of Papists themselvesMany popes must have beenheretics, . . 343 Fourteenth Assumption SUPERIORITY To COUNCILS, . 346 Fifteenth AssumptionSUPERIORITY To ICINGS, . . 1, 347 Sixteenth Assumption CONFIRMATION OF MAGISTRATES, . . 348 Other Assumptions briefly disposedof, . . 349 SEVENTH PAPAL SUPPOSITION, That thepapal supremacy is indefectibleand unalterable. Nopower on earth indefectible Ecclesiastical discipline may be changedPapal succession often interruptedThe pope's power may be forfeited Doctrine of ScriptureOpinions of the fathers Dutyof withdrawing from erroneous supe- riorsPopes not exempted from this rulePopes may be judged heretics Various papal heresies IdolatryHeresies on justificationDischarging alle- gianceTheApocryphaHeresies on the Scriptures Onmarriages Refusalof the cup Causeless cursingThe end, . . . . . 350 A DISCOURSE CONCERNING THE UNITY OF THE CHURCH. PREFATORY NOTE BYTHE EDITOR, . 376 The true universal churchTitles of the invisible applied to the visible church The church is one in faith, one in charity, one in brotherly concord, one in dis- cipline, . . 377 Reasons against theRomish notion of unityIndependence of churches Romish unity opposed to the genius of the gospelInconvenience and inexpediency of Romish unityArguments for Romish unity answeredObjection from the Independent theoryCorollaries from the preceding argumentThe Romish church chargeable with schism, - . 395