Barrow - BX1805 .B3 1852

XLII THE PUBLISHER TO THE READER. boldly asserted and stifflycontended for, without reason: so that any one might with as much colour and evidence of truthmaintain that the Grand Seignior is of right, and for many ages has been acknow- ledged, sovereign of the whole world, as that the Bishop of Rome is of right, and in all ages from the beginning of Christianity has been owned to be, theuniversal monarch and headof the Christian church. To this "Treatise of the Pope's Supremacy" I have, for the affinity of the argument, added, byway of appendix, another discourse of the same author's, concerning the Unity of the Church; which he so explains as quite to take away the necessity of a visible head over the whole church for the preservation of its unity: which is the only specious, but yet a very remote, pretence for the pope's supremacy; for if a visible monarch of the church were granted necessary, many things more must be supposed (which neither yet are, nor ever can be proved) to make the bishop of Rome the mau. The testimonies relating to both parts were very few of them translated by the author; which he certainly intended, having left spaces for it, and is since done with great care by two of his worthy and learned friends of his own college. This is all the advertisement I thought necessary. J. TILLOTSON.