Bates - BT825 B37 1683

z Vol: 4, 5. SEXM0NS can refìfl;. The Medium which the infpired Pen-man makes ufe of is, thecomparinghimwith thç Angels, the moff noble Flower ofthe Creation, and (hewing that he is infinitely dignified above them. This he does bya ftrong connexion of Arguments : Firft, By his Title that is divinely high and peculiar to himfelf. He is declared by the Tef}imony of the Eternal Father to be bis Son, in the moll proper and fublime fence : begotten of .7him, and there- fore having the fame effential Perfeétions of the God-head in their uncreated Glory. But the Angels are not dignified with this Name in any places ofScripture, where the Excellencyof the An- gels is in the fulleft terms expref fed. And that this Name is taken from his Nature, is clearly pro-. ved : becaufe Adoration i due to