Bates - BT825 B37 1683

upon DEATH. 115 whether we have an inter& in Chrift and his Benefits. For the . Apoftleclearly tells us, that ifany milan have not the Spirit of ChrAbe is none of his. By this facred Sig- nature, we are appropriated to Chrift, and vifibly diflinguiíh'd from the World. For tho the fe- cret and pure influences ofthe Spi- rit in the foul are only known to the perfon that feels them, yet his attive infpirations are declara- tive of his pretence and power in the outward converfation. As the Wind that is of fo thin and fubtìl a nature that 'tis invifible in it felf, but we certainly know from what point it blows by the courte and way that the Ship makes thus the Spirit of God , who is compared to the Wind, is ditco- veredby an infallible Indication, his fruits and effets in a holy Life. And thofewho have com- I z munion Rom. 8.9<