Bates - BT825 B37 1683

x8 S E 1 M011ZS go them for us : But when Peter regarded with a more tender eye his Life than our Salvation, he, was repell'd with indignation. Unpa ra11P11'd Love ! no lefs than divine , tranfcending all the in- flames ofhumane affection. The highefi kind and excefs of Love amongul Men is to die for ano- ther, and the highefl degree in that kind is to die to fave an Ene- my ; and of this our Saviour is the fingular Example. Love in- comprehenfible ! it paJjes know- ledge, and all undemanding but his who exprefl it. His Love was equal to theheighth of his Glory fromwhence he defcended, and the depth of his fufferings that he fuf+ained inour flead. By wa/hing uofrom our tins in his Blood, he makes ass Dings, dignifies us with fpiri- tual Soveraignty over not only defiling, but difturbing paifions. The