Bates - BT825 B37 1683

upon DEATH. I21 no caufe : As ifa Sentinel íhould miífake Gloworms in the Night . for lighted Matches, and give a falfe Alarm : but 'tis a worfe folly, tho pleating , not to fear when there is the greateif rea(on to excite it. And 'tis fo in the prefent Cafe : for the moíf are without the fear of Death, that íhould make them ferious in pre- paring for it : nay to maintain their fecurity, are as unwilling to hear Con fcience declare the wret- chednej?of their condition with re- fpe& to Eternity, as Ahab was the Prophet 54ichaiab , who always foretold evil things to him. 'Twas the chief defign of the Philofophers by Principles of Keaton to fortify themfelves a- gainfl all frightful Accidents, and with a ma%aline Mind, and an Heart ardent with generous Spi- rits to (( encounter this inevitable Evil. Fcelix qui potuit rerum cóSnnfcerc crrufa4 : Argue me- tus mortis& inexorgbile fatum Subjecit pe- dibus. Virgil