Bates - BT825 B37 1683

upon DEATH. j35 Book of IÇings,that a Captain and 2K ink z. his fifty went to Flu's to com- :.tnandhim to come to the King and immediately a tempe of Lightning deffroyed them. Now who would think it poffible that another Captain and his fifty fhould be ío defperate, that ha- ving the Afhes and Reliques of there miferable Carcafes frnoking before their Eyes , as to make the fameCitation to theProphet : yet they did, and provok'd the jufcice of Heaven to confume them. And this is verified in thoufands every day : for not- withfanding they fee fanners like themfelves fuddenly cut off in their evil ways, they perfifI un- reformed as if they were fearlefs of Hell, nay as if refolved to fe- cure their own Damnation. I have infifted the longer on this, becaufe 'tis founiverfally ufeful. K 2. The