Bates - BT825 B37 1683

upon DEATH. t47 pion with God, and themoll glo- rious teflimonies of his Favour in thole times. Our Communion with God here is as true as in Heaven , but the influence and fruition is different according to our capacity. When the Soul feels the vigorous exercife of the thoughts & affections upon God, and the railed operations ofGrace in holy Duties, 'tis as certain a fign of God's Favour and Accep- tance , as when Fire de%ended from Heaven to confume the Sa- crifice. And often our affetio- cate Duties are rewarded with fenfible Confolations, and holy Souls aredifmifl from the Throne ofGrace as they [hall be received at the Throne ofGlory, with the reviving teflimonies ofG's ap- probation. Now the affurance of God's Love conquers the fear of Death. L z This,