Bates - BT825 B37 1683

upon DEATH. 155 prance of others. S. Ba/il tells EP1l Y41l. ofa cufrom to annoint the tops of Doves Wings with Tome fra. `grant liquor, that mixing in com- pany with other Doves , they might by the fcent allure them to follow to the Dove-houles. Thus when holy Perlons live and die with peaceful joy, thofe that con- verle with them, are drawn by that Fragrance of Paradile to apply them to ferious Religi- on. 'Tis the ApolUle's Conlolato- ry Advice to Believers , Not to I Their. ..4. be forroarful for thole that deep in j ESuS, a thole that are without hope. When Jacob faw his Belo- ved Son's Coat rent and ltain'd with Blood, he abandoned him- felf to delperate Sorrow , and mourned for his Death, when Jofeph was advanc'd in Authority and