Bates - BT825 B37 1683

S E A MONS der theAffections, to raife what is drooping, and fupprefs what is rebellious ? for they are like the People of whom the Hiftorian (peaks, qui nec totam fervitutem pati poJunt, nec totam libertatem. How many Enemies of our Salvation are lodg'd in our own bofoms ? he Falls of the Saints give fad evidence of this. If the Body were unfpotted from the World as in the Creation of Man, there might be a juíf Plea of our un. willingnefs to part with ir, but lince it is the infentive and in- flrument of Sin, we fhould de fire to be defolved that we might be perfetly holy. Death is the final remedy of all the temporal and ípiritual evils to whichwe are liablehere. And the love ofChriff should make us willing to part with all the endearments of this life, nay defirous to enter into the