Bates - BT825 B37 1683

t66 SEM0NS affe&ions from this World that we may readily afcend to thee : they will renew the fighs of holy David in his Banifhment, O when fhall we come and appear before god ! Laffly, To die with thankf- giving and joy. 'Tis ufual to compare this Life to a Voyage ; the Scripture is the Chard that de- fcribes the Coatis we muff pars, and the Rocks we muff avoid ; Faith is the Compafs that direts the Courte we muff f}eer; Love is the Rudder that governs theMo- tion of the Ship ; Hope fills the. Sails : Nowwhat Paffenger does not rejoice at the difcovery of his Country where his Efrate and Heart is, and more at the near ap- proach to the Port where he is to land ? Is not Heaven the Coun- trey of the Saints ? is not their Birth from above, and their ten- dency