Bates - BT825 B37 1683

SERMONS performed with perfevering dili- gence, diffufing the Light of .Life to thole that fate in darknefs, and in. the /hallow of Death. In this Chap- ter we have recorded the fub- flance of his Sermon to the Arthe- nians - wherein his admirable Zeal and' prudence are -remark- able, in the Matter and Order of his Difcourfe, to convince and perfwade them to receive the laving Truth of the Got-pd. He firfC lays down the Principles of l atural Religion, to prepare them for the more eafy belief of fupernatural revealed Religion: The depravation of the Minds of Men was in no infhance more prodigious than in their vilifying Conceits of the Deity : They attributed his Nameand Honour to various Idols, and ofcribed to him their own Figure, and which was infinitely more unworthy and