Bates - BT825 B37 1683

upon DE A T H. 3 3 decided, and the awards of ju° flice be immediately executed -O the Cónvulfìons and Agdnies of Confcience in that hour ! \; ,Thent the dilealed Body cannot live, and the difeonColate Soul dare not die, what Anxieties Currouñd it ? This redoubles the terrors of Death, that the firfl!r trans ñits to the fecund that was figur 'd by it. O the difnial aIpet of Death riding on a pale Horfe, with Hell the black Attendant following. Tbis Fear furprifed the Sinners in Sion Who among us can dived with de1,6ti- Fire ? who among ais can reniai4 with everlafling burning.i ? This made a Heathen, the Governor of a Province, to trenble before a poor PriConer. While Paul dJ1 curled of l ighteou fñe/'s Tempe- rance, and jtí4gìnent to come, P= lix trembled. 1is a fearful thing. to fail into thé hands of the liviro D god, Ads zq<, z Heb. ÉO:3t;