Bates - BT825 B37 1683

upon DEATH. to fuddain death, than td be con- tinually harrafí with fears how to ¡void it. The Greek word im- plies the binding of the Spirit, that causes an inward fiavery. And in the Apoftles Writings, il the Spirit of Fear, and the Spirit of 13onda&e, are equivalent. 1j72bo- 'beth, when Abner provok'd by the Charge about Sara's Concu bine, imperioufly threatned to tranflate the Kingdom to La 'id was struck with filch a fear, that he could not anifwer Abner a 'word, i Sam. 3 . Y o, t . The fuddain âon {rued his replie, and re- duc'd him to a defencelefs fflenceo Now the fear of Death, as 'tis remn's or vehement, fuck are the degrees of bondage from ir. i . It embitters the enjoyments of the prefent Life, and makes the profperdus in the World, Omit in the fulnefs of theit° D fuffrciencj 35 Præflat fe- rric! mori quarr fèm- per timere ¿ s from