Bates - BT825 B37 1683

To the Right Honourable RACHEL Lady RussEr.> MADAM, Q Fall Affairs for the comp* fing whereof Men arefo di- ,lgent and follicitows, there is none of that abfolute nece f ity, and high importance, as the Preparation for Death and Judgment. This requires the whole Man in his bet vi- gour, and Mould be the Work of the Day, but 'tis ofrally delayed till the melancholy Evening ofAge, or the twi- light of Death. The Trifles of this World divert them from that main bu- f neß, to which all other things Ahould be fubordinate. It equally de flrves Wonder and Compa f ion, that Death -which is 16 confiantly in LIcns viev, A 2, fhould