Bates - BT766 B3 1699

Spiritual Perfection. it for one to boaft of Wealth, who daily lives upon Alms ? The more we receive; the higher are our Obligations, . and the more heavy will be our account. The Mind is darken'd with the thickeft dregs of ignorance that no Light can pene- trate, that arrogates the Honour of his free Favours, and bountiful Hand to the Creature. To be more inftru&ive, let us Con- fider what are the ufual Incentives of Pride, and we fhall difcover that Igno- norance and Vanity are always mixt with them. Women, by Mens Wretched Idolizing them, are vainly proud of their .Beauty-; and more jealous left their Faces be de- forrn'd than their Souls. Now what is Flefh and Blood, but a mixture of Earth and x Water ? What is Beauty, a Piper- fvial. Appearance, a Flower blafted by a . thoufand Accidents ? How loon are the. Colours and Charms of the Face van.ifht ?. How often does it betray them to thole Sins, that are fignally punifht with the fouleft deformity and rotten- nefs ? The molt beautiful are not lets Mortal than others : they muff íhortly be the prey of Death, and pafture of Worms, and can fuch a fading Toy in-, fpire Pride into them r G2 Some