Bates - BT766 B3 1699

$ Spiritual Perfecliort. effea of great Prefumption, and little Knowledge. Suppofe one by experi- mental Curiofity and Inquiries could know all things in the Latitude of the fenfible Creation, this were but a refin'd kind of Vanity, and couldnot afford fa- tisfa&ion to an Immortal Spirit. In Mort , fuppofe a perfon eminently en- dowed with Divine Qualities, wherein the resemblance of God confif}s, there cannot be the leaPt reafon of Pride, for they are all Graces difpenc'd from the Soveraign unaccountable pleafure of God, who makes the molt excellent Saint to differ from others. 2. It will be an Excellent Means to Cure Pride, to convince the Minds of Men, what is true Honour, and direct their Defires to it. The Wifeft of Kings has told us, that before Honour is Humility. Pride is a de- generous paffion, debafes a Man, and brings; him into miferable Bondage, en- (laves him to the ignorant multitude. Dependance upon the opinion and ap- plaule of the People, whofe Humors are very changeable, is fo uneafie, that the Ambitious often Bite their heavy Chains, though for etimes they Kifs them be- caufe they are gilded. '. But Humility referves the True and Noble Freedom of