Bates - BT766 B3 1699

Spiritual Perfec`tion. rai fe of rnen, and . to f eek and value the honour that corns from God only. After this Mort Life, Men are dead for ever to the plea_fure of their Fame. I íhall Conclude this part of our Sufi= 4e& with obferving, that Humility is a Vertue not known to the Philofophers, who thought it to be oppofite to Mag- banirnity : but 'tis efpecially recommen- ded in the Gofpel as a moff Amiable and Excellent Grace. We are Commanded to do nothing through firife or vainglory, but in lon line!o fmind let each efleemothers better than themfslves. This may, feem an utrreafo"rrable Leffon, and inconfiffent With Sincerity. But although the diffe- rence between Men in Civil things, and Intelleauai Perfeaions be clear, yet in Moral Qalities, we knowing our own Defeas and fecret Faults, may prefer others, whole "conceal'd Excellencies are ifible to God, before our (elves. The Apoffle Paul though he fo excellently reprefrated the ,King of Saints in his Life, 'acknowledged himfelf to be the chiefof Sinners. 'Tis obfervable that St. Peter, iñ the account of his Fall and Repen- mice, Recorded by St. Mark, who wrote 'the Gofpel by his Direaion, aggravates this Sin more than is `expreff in the Gofpel St. Lake and St. gam, where his De= .`i<ria1