Bates - BT766 B3 1699

92 Spiritual PerfeEiiorz o lice, by which the Mind becomes dark and impure. Infidelity, whether proceeding from fecret Atheifm, or open Deifm, rejeas reveal'd Religion, as unneceffary and groundlefs. But the Arguments that are drawn from the clear and living Springs of Nature to prove the Being of God,, are of fuch Convincing Evidence, that none but thofe whole Intereft it is , that there were no Supreme Lawgiver and judge to Call them to an Account for their Aaions, can doubt of his E- ternal Exiffence. Now that there is a God, being proved, the neceffary Con- fequence from that Principle is, that he mull be hönour'd and ferv'd according to his own Will, and that it becomes his Wifdom and Goodnefs to reveal his Will to Men, the Rule of their Duty, and that this be done in the moft in- ftruaive and permanent way, in Writ- ing, that is lefs Iiable to Corruption than Oral Tradition, and that the Holy Scrip- ture has in it fuch Confpicuous Chara- &ers of its defcent from Heaven, be- tides the moft undoubted Teftimony that it was written by Men Divinely Infpi- red, and Infallible, that without violat- ing the Rules of found Difcourfe we muff yield our Affent to its Divine Au- thority, and fupernatural Do&rines re- veal'd ..