Bates - BT766 B3 1699

àPitr.'?re fieria VPr. Spiritual leer f eat ort. (3.) Spiritual Sins are moil frequently committed being of quick difpatch without the toil of the Body From hence their number is as the Sand upon the Sea-fhore. '1 hey infinitely increafe Mens accounts with the high and eter- pal Judge ; whofe Underffanding is as earching as 'tis unfearchable. The Judg- inent of the 1aí} Day is diftinguifhed from the procefs of inferiour Humane "Courts , which are confin'd to take cognifance only of Mens intentions by overt ads ; for then there (hall be a re- v*elation of the thoughts and ecrets of the Heart. (4.) Spiritual Sins are more incurable than thofê that are done by the Body For when the l nftive Faculties by Iii- eeafes and Age are dïf.bled, then the vi- cious habits of the Soul may be Íh ong0; J6,1 Mini- and like the. Poyïon of a Serpent encte - be se, more deadly by Age. Notwithlanding inward Pollutions in, duce fuch a Guilt, yet Carnal Men are apt to thinly that till Sin be perfe&ed ire the grofs ate?-, 'tis not deadly And for this they pervert Scripture ; = wherein 'tis laid, That when Lrj1 bath conceived it bri igeth forth Sin ; and Sin when Ws fi- uiJh'd, brings forth Death. But in Gods tight the contemplative commiííion of ìa, renders one ás truly guilty as the actual