Bates - BT766 B3 1699

1o8 Spiritual Perfaffion. thofe Moral Perfe&ions, as qualified him to obtain that end. There was an exaE Regularity in all his Faculties : The in- lightned Mind direaed the Will, the Will commanded the Affe&ions, the Affeaions rul'd the Senfes. He had power to Rand, but was free to Fall: with his original perfeEion there was a poffibility of finning and dying. The Eyes of his Mind were clear, difcover- ing his Duty and Felicity ; and the af- liifting Grace of God was like the Sun {hining in the Air to a&uate his vifive Faculty ; but he wilfully Phut his Eye, and fell from that heighth of Happinefs into a pit without a bottom. 2. The perfection of Grace : This in the Language of Scripture fignifies up- rightnefs and fincerity, and is attributed to thë Saints in feveral refpe&s, which I will particularly confider. 3. The perfeEion of Glory. This im- plies a Union of all Excellencies in a So- veraign Degree. The Church in the prefent State is compared to the Moon, that receives Light from the Sun in half its Globe, but in the next State will be fill'd with Light as a Ball of Chrif}al penetrated by the Sun Beams. The Church {hall be Glorious in Holinefs, without fpot or wrinkle , or any fach tang. Natural Righteoufnfs was of fhort