Bates - BT766 B3 1699

The Preface. free from Sin, ye became the fervantsof Righteoufnefs. The Soul h,as two Faculties, the tinder. (landing and Will : The Objeçt of the Vn- derflanding is Truth, either in it fèlf or appearance; the Object of the Will is Good neff, either real or counterfeit. Liberty is radically in the Vnderftanding, which freely deliberates, and by comparative Con- faderation, directs the Will to choofe Good before Evil ; and of Good the greater, and of Evil the lef!'. When the Vnderflanding is fully illuminatedof the abfolute Goodnefí` of an Object, without the leafl mixture of Evil, and repre fnts it to the Will, it is an ac`t retrograde in Nature , and utterly repugnant to the Rational Appetite, to re- ject it. The indifference of the Will pro- ceeds from fame defects in the Objei-t, or in the apprehenfion of it ; but when an in- finite Good is duely reprefented to the Will, the choice is ?nog clear and free. Of this there is an illu/irioris Example in the Life of Moles ; He refuted to be called the Son of Pharaoh's Daughter ; choofing rather to Puffer AliEion with the peo pie of God, than to enjoy the pleafures of Sin for a feafon ; Effeeming the re- proach of Chriff , greater Riches than the treafures of Egypt : For he had an Eye to the reconzpen-ce of R9war0. Iii: ánv