Bates - BT766 B3 1699

122 Spiritual Perfeciion. School of Heaven. Of thefe the Apo- l'de fpeaks with reprehenfon, They need. ed to be taught a4ain, the frrfí Principles of the Oracles of God ; and are become figh that had need of . milk , and not of ftrong meat : Whereas others were come to fullage, and had their fenfes exercifid, to difcern more perfec`lly goodandevil. How many Profefl'ors need the firft Principles of Religion to be planted in them ? They pretend to exempt their Ignorance from difcredit, that it only belongs to the Mi- nifters of the Word to Rudy the Myfte- ries of Religion : But 'tis of infinite confequence, they fhould be wife to Sal vation. Our Saviour tells us, This is Life Eternal, to know thee to be the only true God, and Jefus Chrift whom thou haft fent. The difpenfation of the Gofpel is a fate of Ferfeaion : 'Tis the full and final declaration of God's Will, in order to our future Bleffednefs : 'Tis not a pro- vifional eftablifhment as the Levitical Law : Theie is no other alliance to be made between God and Men ; no other Sacrifice to be offered for Sin : All the Types and Prophefies are compleatly ful- filled in Chrift. Now force underftand more; clearly and diftinaly the contri- vance and parts of our myfterious Re- demption ; and are comparatively per- tea.