Bates - BT766 B3 1699

ç% Spirit& FerfeEliot,. of the prefent World by a deluge of Fire; are Objeas of Faith : But the Unity of the Divine Nature, and the Trinity of Divine Perfons, the Incarna- tion of the Son of God , his Eternal Counfejs refpc&ing Man's Redemption, ;sever enter'd into the Heart ofMan to conceive ; but are as far above our thoughts, as the Heavens are above the Earth, and cannot be comprehended. God may be confidered abfolutely in himfelf, or as revealing himfelf and his Will to us. We have fome knowledge of his Being and Divine Attributes , Wifdom, Power, Goodnefs in his Works of Creation and Providence ; but we believe in him, as declaring his Mind and Will to us in his Word. We may know a Perfon, and his excellent Vertues In- telleEual and Moral, but we cannot be-. sieve in him without fame difcovery of his Thoughts and Affeaions to us. 3. The motives of Belief are to be confidered. Divine Faith muff have a Divine Foundation. Faith may be ab- folutely true, and relatively falfe. Ma- ny believe the Doarine of the Gofpel, upon no other grounds than the Turks believe the Alcoran becaufe Otis the reigning Religion of their Country, and by the impreflion of Example : From fence their Faith is like the Houle built on