Bates - BT766 B3 1699

a 6ò Spiritual Perfection. Divine Nature ;would give value to the Sufferings. It was therefore requifite that the Deity fhould affume our Na. turecapable of Suffering, and the Salvati- on of the World fhould refult from their conjùmion. This Doarine is very ho- nourable to God, and beneficial and com- fortable toMan ; which are the confpi- cuous CharaEers, And ftrongefi evidence of a Doarine truly Divine : This main- tains the Royalty of God, and theRights of Juflice ; thin fecures our Pardon and Peace, and removes all the difficulties and doubts that are apt to rife in the Minds of Men, Whether God infinitely provok'd by our rebellious Sins will be reconcil'd to us ? 'Tis our duty to ad- Mire the myfterious Dotrines of the Gofpel, which we do underhand, and to adore thòfe we do not. We may ob- ferve the fame connexion in Errors as in Divine Truths ; for they who rob our Saviour of his Natural Glory, his Eter- nal Deity, vilifie and disbelieve the value and vertue of his Prieftly Office , by which our Pardon is obtained. In fhort, the Fabrick of our Salvation is built on the contrivance and content of the Di- vine Perlons, and the concurrence and concord of the Divine Attributes. 6. The belief of fupernatural things may be confirm'd by comparifons and examples