Bates - BT766 B3 1699

i o Spiritual Per f eHion. 2. The parts of the Duty are to be confidered : The cleanfing us from the Defilements of Flefh and Spirit, and the perfe&ing Holinefs. (i.) The cleanfing mua be univerfal, as the pollution is ; We are dire&ed to Jam: 4 8° cleanfè our hands, and Purifie our hearts, that we may draw near to God with acceptance. 'Tis obfervable that, in a general fenfe, all Sins are the works of the Flefh : what ever is not divine and fpiritual is carnal , in the language of Scripture. For fince the feparation of Men from God by the rebellious Sin of Adam , the Soul is funk into a mate of Carnality , feeking for fatisfa&ion in lower things. The two jarring oppo- fite Principles are Flefh and Spirit, luft- ing againfr one another. 'Tis as carnal todefire vain Glory, or to fet the Heart on Riches, as to love fenfual Pleafures For our Efteem and Love are intirely due to God for his high Perfe&ions ; and 'Lis a difparagement to fet them on the Creatures, as if he did not deferve them in their molt excellent degrees. What- ever things are below the native worth of the Soul, and unworthy of its nobleft operations, and are contrary to its bier- fed end, defile and vilifie it. A more precious Metal mix'd with a baler, as Silver with Tin, is corrupted, and lofes of