Bates - BT766 B3 1699

BOOKS Writ by William Bates, D. D. THE Harmony of theDivine Attri- butes, in the Contrivance and A,c- complifhment of Man's Redemption by the Lord Jefus Chrifi : Or Dikourfes wherein is ihewed, how the Wifdom, Mercy,Juaice,Holinefs,Power,and Truth of God, are glorified in that great and bleffed Work. Confiderationsofthe Exiflence ofGod, and of the Immortality ofthe Soul, with the Recompences of the Future State. Towhich is now added, the Divinity of theChriflian Religion, &c. The Four Laft Things, Death and Judgment, Heaven and Hell, praaically confidered and applied, in Oaavo. The fame is alfo Printed in Twelves, and proper to be given at Funerals. Ten sermons Preach'd upon Several Occafions, in Oaavo. Semions upen PfalmCXXX. verfe 4. But there is Forgivnefs with thee; that thou mayefl befeared, in Oaavo. The Danger of Profperity difcovered, in feveral Sermons. The great Duty of Refignation in Times of Afflaion, &c. A