Bates - BT766 B3 1699

44 Spiritual Perfeciion. to fpeak to the Lulls , not the Con fciences of Men, upon whom they have a fervile dependance : And as the Spirit of Delufion is never more the Spirit of Delufion, than under the appearance of an Angel of Light ; fo his Minifters are never more his Minifers , than when they pervert the Word of God to fup- port finful Pra&ices by corrupt Princi- ples. Covetoufnefs makes Men faint and falfe in the time of tryal : They will fave the World with the lofs of their Souls. In fhort, it was the impul- five caufe of a Sin of the greatefl Guilt that ever was committed, in betraying the Son of God ; and his fuffering the moll cruel and ignominious Death : A Sin never to be expiated , but by the Eames that lhall confume this World, the place wherein he fuffered. Covetoufnefs excludes all , in whom 'tis predominant, from the Kingdom of Heaven. Lazarus may as fool] be ex- pelled fromAbraham's Bofom, as a cove- tous Man may be received into it. Be imt deceived, neither Fornicators, nor Ido- laters, nor Effeminate, nor abujers of therm felves with Mankind, nor Thieves, nor Co- vetous, nor Drunkards, nor Revilers, nor Extortioners, (ball inherit the Kingdom of God. A covetous Wretch is in as direI a progrefs to Damnation , as the moll noto-