Bates - BT766 B3 1699

Siritual Perféiorz. the Eternal Kingdom to Mens Minds, and purifie their Affections, that they thall fo ufe the World, that they may enjoy God. We thould from hence be excited to watchfulnèfs' againff this Sin. Our Saviour gave a double Caution to his Difciples , Take heed and hai,are of Covetoufnefs. In fome, the Leprote ap- pears in their Foreheads; their Compa- ny, their Converfation, make it evident, that the World is Jet in their Hearts : In others, the Leprofie is in their Bo, foins their Affe&ions are intently and entirely fit on the World, though the difcovery is not fo vifible None but thecircurnfpea can be fafe. In order to the mortifying this Luff, the following means, with the Divine B1e{fìng, will be very ufeful. The in- ward caufes of the greedy delires and tenacious burnout of the Covetous, are the irregular efteerïi of Riches, and con- fequently, the jealoufie of lofing what is fo highly valued `, and follácitude to prevent all poffible future wants. Now to take away thefe caufes, confider, . There are Treafures infinitely more precious and durable, and more worthy of our etteem and love , than all the Gold that is drawn from the Mines in Peru, the true inrichments of the Soul; Vithout which a Man, poffefs'd of all the-