Bates - BT766 B3 1699

Spiritual PerfeSion. by the Rule of Providence, that there is no Man fo compleatly fufficient in him- felf, ío abfolutely and independently hap- py, but hewants the Counfel, the Cou- rage, the Help of others. 'Tis ufual, that he who poffeffes molt can do lets, and that he that has lets can do more From hence it follows, that the Wealth of the one, and the Strength of the other, the giving that wherein one a- bounds , and the receiving that which the other wants, makes fuch an equix poile between the Rich and the Poor, that they cannot be disjoyn'd. Experi- ence declares, there is nothing does more endear and engage the Affeìions of others to us, than ads of Kindnef. Be- neficence joyn'd with Innocence, render Men venerable and amiable, conciliate Effeem and Love; for a good Min one wouldeven dare to dye : Whereas the Co- vetous and Incompationate , not only provoke God, (for he that abufes a Be- nefit defpifes the BenefaElor, and by im- priföning their Treafures without doing Good, the abufe is as real, as by riotous wafting them) but are expofed to Ha- tred and Contempt ; and if a Dilafter furprifes them, a fecret Joy touches the Hearts of others. 2.. 'Tis a means to increafè Riches. a Rule not only in Spirituals, but E 4 in 55