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Spiritual Per fèc`7ion. t. External Aas of Charity may be performed from vicious motives, with- out a mixture of internal Affeaions, which make them accepted of God. 2. Suppofing a Chriftian abounds in Wórks of Charity, and is not rewarded here, this fpecial Cafe does not infringe the truth of God's Promife ; for Tem- poral Promifes are to be interpreted with an exception, unlefs the Wifdom and Love of God fees it better not to beflow them : But he always rewards them in kind, or eminently in giving more excel- lent Blefings. The gown of Life is a reward more worthy the defires of a Chriftian, than the things of this World. Our Saviour allures the young Man, Sell ail, and give to the Poor, and thou bait have Treafure in Heaven. Eternal Hopes are infinitely more deferable than Tem- poral Pof eflions. The Apoflle charges a Tim. 6. Is, fhe Rich to do good, to be rich in good 19. -works, ready to dißribute, willing to com- municate, laying up for themfilves a good foundation, (not of merit but affurance) againg the time to come, laying hold of ternal Life. If I could direa the Co- vetous, how to exchange a weight of Silver for an equal weight of Gold, or weight of Gold for an equal weight df Diamonds, how attentively would they hear , and earneftly follow fuck 57