Bates - BT766 B3 1699

74 Spiritual. Perfec on Gods declarative Glory is not profitable to him : But he will not give his glory to another, nor permit another to ufurp it : his Conceffion and Confent would be direalycontrary to the Eternal Rule of Righteoufnefs, and therefore impoffi- ble without thedenial of himfelf. Pride is in the Front of thole Sins which God hates, and are an Abomina- tion tohim: Aproud look,that is feldomdif- Prove 6. 16. join'd from a proud Heart. God looks upon the proud afar ofwith a holy Difdain : He refifts the Proud. Pride is themoll` perni- cious of all Vices : for whereas any fingle Vice is oppolite to its contrary Vertue Uncleannefs expels Chaffity ; Covetouf- nefs, Liberality ; Pride, like an infeEious Difeafe, taints the found parts, Corrupts the Anions of every Vertue, and deprives themoftheir true Grace andGlory. Pride is fo offenfive to God, that he fometimes permits his. Children to fall into fins of a- nother kind to Correa Bride. And he is anunskilful Phyfician that Cures one Dif- cafe by a worfè. When the Aooifle was liable to the temptation of Pride, for his Coeleffial Vifions, Satanwaspermitted to buffet him, A firange Difpenfation, that the Prince of Pride was let loofe to in- ffru .l; him inHumility. The fearful Examples of God's Wrath upon the Proud, molt convincingly prove how