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104 The Harmony of the Di·vine Attributes ~~~~~ ~~~e~~~r~;';,~r~~~,:~~~~:~~i~~;e ~~~clJt~:~ta~:ed~~ r,r;;,;: ~~a~be~e~~;:Ya~~ ~was liable to the Curfe upon his violation of it. Upon this Ground the Apoftle inflitutes a Parallel between Adam and Chrijl, Ram. S· 19. That as by one Man', Difobedience, many were made Sinners, fo by the Ohedience of One, many were made righteom. As Chrifr in his Death on the Crofs did nor fuffer as a private Perfon, but as a Surety and Spon[or rcprefenting the whole Church ; according to the Teltimony of Scripture,. If one dud for all, then aiL were dead, r Cor. 5· 1 S· fo the firft Adam, who WtU tl~e figttre of hun that w..zs to come, rRom. S· 14.) in his D1fobedience was eflecmed a p"bltck Perfon reprefenring the whole Race of Mankind; and by a JU!l: Law it was not reflrain'd to himfelf, but is the Sin of the common Nature. Adam broke the firft Link in the Chain, whereby Manl<ind was united to God, and all the other Parts which depended upon it are necelfarily feparated from him. From hence the Scriptflre faith, that by Nature we are Children of Wrath, Ephef. 2. l· that is, liable to punillimenr, and that hath relation to Guilt. -And of this we have convincing Experience in the common Evils which affii£l: Mankind, before the commillion of any actual Sin. The Cries of Infants who are only elo· qt~ent to Gnef, bur dt~mb to all things elfe, difcover that Miferies attend them. The Tears which are born with. their Eyes, figmfy th~y are come ifl:toa State of Sorrow. How many ~;~S~c ~~r~"f ,~~f~ff~rea;~er:~~r,~~/~[fefu' 6PG~;~~1~~~;;~,;,f;~dt~~~r;fu~~a~~~ gue Man ro be guilty of fame great Crime from his Birth ( n.) The Ignorance of this mad" the Heathens accufe Nature, and blafpheme God under that Mask, as lefs kind and ~~~~~::g'f.,;;!~her~~~~d~he.fh~r~;~p~=~~;;l;11~ftru~~d :~cs~fm';"t~c~f~, ~~r~~;[;,: their Prc!crvarion. They. are cloathed by Nature, and their Habits grow in proportion with then· Bod1es, fomc with Feathers, fame With Wool, others With Scales, which are ~~~~gr~r~ a~~r~:iclf~;~ ~~~~~?ni:~~~ ~~;~f~dnr;~'~nJ~ri~,"~~ 'd!fi~~~,?Jks!r~~~ and utterly unable to repel or avmd the Evt!s that encompafs !urn. Now the Account the Smpwre gives of Ortgmal Sin !ilences all rhcfe Complaints.. ~an is a Tra!'fgrelfor tram the Womb; And how can he expect a favourable Receptton mto the Emprre of an offended God? Briefly, fomerimes Death enters into the Retirements of Nature, and changes the Womb into a Grave; which proves, that alfoon as we partake of the human,~~:"~~~!~\~tyi~~~~~1~i~t~:~~~~:o~~~~t~~g~0~f'~~~gi~~~ft:~n~u~~~ti:~~ en:nd in~o the M'orl~, and DeJZth by_Sin, andfo Death pajfed upon all Men, Rom. )· 12., 14, '7· as a jUit Sentence upon the gmlty, for that all Men have unned. . 2 . An Hereditary Corruption is tranfmitted to all that naturally defcend from him. If Adam had continued in his Obedience, the f}irttflal as well as the natural Life had been conveyed to his Children ; bur,_ for his ~ebellion he lofl his. Primiti-ve Rectitude, and contracted an univerfal Corrupuon; whtch he denves to all Ius Po!l:cnry. And as m a Difeafe there is the dejerl of Health, and a diflemper of the HumoTi that affects the Body; fo_ i~ the depravation of ~at~re, ther~ ~s not ~he mecr want of Holmefs, bu_t a _flrong prociwtty to Sin. This Pnvatton of Ortgmal Rtghteoufnefs, confider'd as a Sm, IS naturally fi·om Adam, the principle of lapfed and cor_rup~ Nature: ~ut, as ~ Punifbment, 'ti~ merito... rioufly from him, and falls under the O~dma~to~ of D1~1~e Juil!Ce. _Man caft tt aw~y, 2nd God righreouOy refufes to re!l:ore lt. T1s a folhc1tous Impcrtmency, to enqmre nicely about the manner of conveymg thts unwerjal Corruption. For the bare knowledge ~)e~7i~[nJ!c~~~~;~~~~eri~~'?" tn~u'~~~o~~~a~~\"yf~I;1Ir t~~;c,'~, ~~:C,~~~~[~~~v~~~~s'Fe~ down in the Scripture. . . 'Tis the Univerfal and unchangeable Law of N~turc, that every th1ng pr?duce Its like, not only in regard of the fame .Nature,_ that IS propagated fr?t? on~ lndw!dual to another,_ with?ut a change of the Sfect~s, ~ut m. refpea of the q_uahues wtrh whtc_h that Nature IS emmently aflc£ted. Tlus 1S vt!ibl~ ~~ the feveral kmds of Crcatur~ m the World, they all prcferve tbe nature of the Pnnc1ple from whence they are denved, and rctarn the vf!m of their Ungmal , the quahry of their Extraflton. Thus our SaviOur tells us, Mat. 7· J8. ~hat thf! jrmt partakes of the 1ottrnne(s of the Tree: and 1vhatev_er U born of the r ltjb,_ ;, Nrfh, Joh. l· 6. The Title of F!e01 doth nor fignify the matmal part of our Huma~rty , but the Corru~uon of Sm With whtch the whole Namr~ IS mf~Cled This is ev1dent by the defcripnon the Aflojfle gives of it ; 1~bat the Fhjb ss not Jubjeff to the Law of Go_d, Rom. 8. 7· a.nd ~hat which _aggravate~ t~1e ,Evil is_, that it can't be. Sinful Corruption IS exprelt by rlus T1tle, partl y m regard 1t IS tranfmmecl by the way of carJJ..JJ