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in CO"atri·ving Man's Redemption. be «.&,ns and .i11.s»<, weak , but wicked. His difabiliry ro fupcrnatural Good arifes ~ from an inordinate AfKEtion t? that which i~ jtn{i~a~. So that. 'ns ~o Jar fr~m excufing, Chap. 4· that it renders inexcufable, be1ng voluntary and 'VJCtous. And m t!Hs the ~~f~afes of the ~ JJody arc cl iflc rent from thofc of rhe Soul. _In thefrJI_ rhc defirc of healmg rs rneffcaua!, through want of Knowlcdg~ or Po\:'er to ~pply ~rn.uret,~t~ Remedies : \Vher~s 111 the fe· cond the llncere de lire of then· Cure ts fuffioenr, for the Dtfeafcs arc corrupt Ccfires . T'he natural Man is wholly le(,! by Senfe, by Fang•, and the 1~4/ions, and_he efieems it his Infelicity to be orherwifc; as the degener~us Slave,_ who was c~tfpleafed ~1rh a 1ubtlee, and refufed i iberry. Serv~t~de is his.Senfitaltty. He JS not ~nly J~.Lovc wah. the unwonhy Objeff, but with the v:ctous Affeawn, and abhors the Cme of Jt. As ~me tn the Poet that was [o delighted in Jus plcafant Madnefs, that he was offended at Ius Recovery ; ~-Cui extorta volupttU Et demptr~s per vim grat~f/imru error. This is acknowledged by St. Attflin in his Conf1fiom, where he defcribcs the Strife be- . rwecn Convic1ion and Corruption in his Soul. He tells us m the .C:onflt~ be~ween Reafonand Luft, th:~.t he had recourfe to God, and his Prayer ':\'as, Va mtht contmenuam, fed n~l~ modo, he defired Chaftity, but not too foon, he \~'as afratd that G.od. Ibould hear Ius Permon, it being more bitter .than Death tO change hts Cufrom. Th1s IS the .general ~nfe, though not rhc general Difiottrje of Men. As the Jick Pcrfon that dcfircd Jus l'h.Jficzan to remove ~~t~ fe~~~~ ~~~t~:o~"~:~f~~~~~b~,W~df~~:n~ ~I~~ ~~¥~~~~t~::~ ~~~~Fci~~c~:~~u·~ ~~ ~~~,fh~~ thole carnal Dcfircs whrch grvc a h1gh ta{te to Obyds fmtable to them. From hence it appears that t110ugh in the corrupt Nature there. is no Ltberty of lndi tferenc? to Good and EJil, yet there is a Liberty_ of Delight in Evrl ; and though the Wi ll in rts natural Capacity may chu[c (iood, yet 'us morally dctcrmmed by rts Love to Evzl ( t ). In fhort , there is [o much Power not to fin as is fufficient to Sin ; that is, that the forbidden Aaion be free, and fo become a Sin. Which f!range Combination of Liberty and Neceffity_ is cxcel!ently exprdt by_St. Bernard (: ) ; "That rhe Soul which fell by (') ll!!oi :: ~~;:~v~Yc:;~~c~,icf~~~t~:~~~v~~ :~cfc~~d 1;, f;~;;a~h~,;t~~~~r'~,~~h~~~u}~~~;;'r~~~~~~t~y~r; f:~~~;;~ a manner, as Strange as Evil, the Vhll being corrupted With Sin, mal<es a neccffity to its &.Jdere por~it. "fcl~, yet fo, that the neceffiry being v~luntary, cloth not cxcutC the\\lill, nor the Will ~:~;;1 'e1{, ~:a:· '( bemg pleafantly and powerfully al.lur d, exclude Neccffity. The Law therefore re- &or~upr~ ~or- ~~~~' iJr~~ f~1111 t~~;~c,h:~~ b~~~ d~f~~~:'r:~~s.;r, ~~fd~~~~~~'~ir\~n;~b~~n~~~s0~~~ ~~~= ::;,:~if~: ;:~f/o~~Jbic t~r~:~~~:rt~l~~c~~ftaf~~hi~~fs: For there are only two Motives to induce the ::~:;:,: ~JJz~- ~;;,~r~~:0,;}~o~!:~~~~:~~'fi,• ;C:~::,':Jc~:~:;e i:u:ffi~::~~~uwo, nec~(Jirmm fJcir, ut nu t:er.:ffitM rum wlumaria fir, exmjt~: £;t:a~' t~ 1. Its Beauty and Lovelinefs. 2. The Reward that attends it. And both thcfc Argument; arc ineffcQual to work upon him. 1. The Beauty of Holine{s, which excels all other created Perfel1ions, it being a Conformity to the .mo!! ~lorious Atlr:bute of the Deity_, cloth n.ot allur~ hm1: _For, Vnufqui[que ut affetlus eft tta JUdtcat; Man underllands accorchng to Ius Affca1ons. fire ren;:wed Mind can only fee the effemi_,tf and intimate Beauty of Holincfs. Now in fain Man the clearnefs of the difcerning Power is loll. As the natural Eye, till 'ris purged from vicious ~alities, cannot look on things that are and {ubl~me, and if it hath been long in Da>knefs , it futfers by the moll pleafing Object the Lt~bt : So the internal Eye of the Mmd, that rt may fee the hvcly LuJire ot Ho\mcfs, rt mufl: be cleanfcd from the Filthinefs of carnal Alfec~ions, and .having ~een fo long under ~h~ck Dark~[s_, it mull: be llrcngtlrcncd, before rt can fuf!am the bnghrnefs of things Spmtual, Trllrt be prepared jr can fee nOthing amtable ~nd defirable in the ~m age of God. - .' 2. The Reward of Holmefs bath no attnzc1we power on the carnal lJ., 1 ill · becaufe 'tJS Futttre a~d SpiritNal. ' 1. 'T1s Fr~tr~re, and therefore the GonceJtiom of ir arc very dark and imperfect: The Soul is funk down inro the Senfes, and they arc fhmt·fightcd and can't Joo!c beyond Q.. what