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The Harmony of the Divine Attributes ~~l;~ ~~;.~r~~~· ~:pi~~t~oa~rt;~~t::b:?:~~r:~e' ~~n~~~;~a:i~-~ ~~ fi~~i~~~:i7del~~bl: ~m what they know, and their defire to advance in the knowledge of them. With what mtenuon then lhould we ftudy the Gofpc!, who ao:e the SubJell: and End of it! CHAP. VII. The ./imple Speculation Q[ the Gofpel not j ufficient without a real B elief, and Cordial . A cceptance. The Reafons why the Jews and Gentiles cotifpir'd in the contempt rf it. How jujl it is to rifig,n up the U ndedl:anding to Revelation. God knows his own Nature and Will, and cannot deceive us. We mvji believe the things that are clearly re·vealed, thou,~h we do not underHand the tlfanner rf their exi~ence : Although they are attended with Jeeming, ContradiElions. N o Article of Faith is really repugnant to Reafon. We mvji dijiinguijh between things incomprehenfible and inconceivable. Between corrupt and right Reafon. How Reafon is Julfer·vient to Faith. Humility and Holinifs qualify for the Beliif rf the Go[pel-myjleries. A naked Belief rf fupernatural Truths is unprojitab1e for Salvati- · on. An e[feElual AJfent that prevails upon the Will, and renders the w hole 1'v!an olfequioJtJ, is due to the ~ali~ ty of thr: Gofpel-Revelation. ,.rH E fimple Speculation.. o. f thi.s glorious Myftery_,"_'.ill be of no. profi.t with- our a real Behef of it, and a cordtttl Acceptance of Salvation, upon the terms which the Divme Wofclom prefcrlbes. The Gofpel reqmres the Obedience of the Underftanding, and of the Will ; unlefs it obtains a fu ll Poffeffion of the Soul, there is no favin g Efficacy derived from it. And fuch is the Subilmtty and Purity of the ObJell:, that toll Reafon is funC\ified and fubdued, it cannot fincerely entertai n it. I will thererore diftmcrly confider the Oppofirion \\ hich c~rnal Reafon hath made again~ it; ac? fhew how 'uft it is that the human Underftandmg, fhould, with reverence, y•dd up 1t felf ta the Word of God, that reveals this great MJjlery to us. The .Apoille tells us, 1 Cor. 1: That 1ews and G:_ntiles confpir'd in the_ contempt ?f ~he Gofpel. Reafon cannot hear Without great Aftomfhment , for the appeann~ contrad!Chon between the Terms, that God !hould he made Man, and the Eterna l d1e. The 'Je.vJ efleemd it an intollerable Blafphemy, and without any procefs of Law were ready to !lone the Lord Jefus, 'fbat bein_< a Man , he jbould nJ<ke l~tmfelf equal Jl'tth God, John 10. 3lAnd they upbraided him in his Sulfenngs that he could not favc h•mfelf. If he be the l()ntr of ljrael, let lnm comf! down from the Crof!, atJd rve ll't/1 bt/w.;·e on htm, Mat. 2 7~ 42.. Th~ GentileJ defpifed the Gofpel as an abfurd 1H·comriv'd Fable, • Cor. 1. 23 . For what in appea rance is more unbecoming God, and in1unous to his Perf~Cbons , than to cahe the (p) f"'tg.urt fi·ail G~rm.enr.of Hef11, to b~ torn and tram~lcd. on (p)? TI~C 1 r n~tttra! Knowledg Oi: ;::~~!/'~:~/ th.e De1ty mch?'d them to thm1 t ~he Jncar~a&~on uD.poffible. 1 h,cre 1S no rcfcmbJa!3C.c of 1J(Ua/I'SII( infitn11JJte (olf/1/f 0/IU!Im, Ill p~?llibutJ ut dolonhJI>, (ll )J)OrtJ r~ 1p[e fub;uuu. La(t, it