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in Contriving Man's Redemption. 177 Souls, and mortal in refpect of his Body. This Union derives an in finite me'rit to~ rhe Obedience of Chrift. For the humane Nature having its Complement from rbe Chap I 2. Divine Perfon, 'tis not the Nature limply confidered, but the Perfon that is [he Foun- ~ rain of Actions. To illoftrate this by an ln fta nce: The Civil Law determines that a Tree tranfplanted from one Soil to another, and taking Root there, belongs to the Owner of that Ground; in regard that receiving NouriOm1ent from a new Earth, it becomes as it were ati.other Tree, though there be the fame individual Root, the [~me Body, and the fame Soul of Vegetation as before (h). Thus the humane Nature taken (h) PI'""" from the common Mafs of Mankind, and tranfplanted by perfonal Union into the Di- $a ::,1~~ ~~ vine, is to be reckoned ~s intirely belonging to the Divine, and the ACtions proceedingj~~ris _ronjilt~­ from ir are not meerly humane, but are raifed above their natural worth, and become t~ ciiJ;lrjafl!) meritorious. One hour of Chrift's Life glorified God more, than an everlafting Du- ~0 iairrn;li;. cration fpent by Angels and Men in the Praifes of him. For the molf perfect Creatures Gw<. ' ' j,. are limited, and finite, and their Services cannot fully correfpond with the Maj~Zfty ofBtll. & Pa,, God; bm when the Word was made Flefh, and entered into l new ftate of Subjection, he glorified God in a divine manner and molf worthy of him. He thlt comes from above, it above all, John 3· 3 I . The All-fofficiency of his (atisfaftion arifes from hence, He that was in tbe form of God, and thought it 110 Robbery to be equal with God, Phil. 2. 6. that is, in the truth of the Divine Nature was eqnal with the Father, and without Sacrilcdge, or Ufuropation polfefl: Divine Honour, he became obedient to the death of the Croji, 1 Cor. 2. 8. The Lord of Glory was cruc!fted. We arc purchafed by the Blood of God. And the Blood of Jefus Chrijl his Son clwifilh 111 from all Sin, Act. 20. 28.· The Divine Nature gives it an infinite and everlall:ing Efficacy. And 'tis obfervable, that the Socinians, the declared Enemies of his Eternity, confentaneouny to their firlf impious Error, deny his Satisfaction. For if Jefus Chrill: were but a titular God, his Sufferings how deep foever, had been infufficient to expiate oar Otfeuce: in his Death he had been only a Martyr, not a Media tor. For no Satisfaction can be made to Divine Joftice, but by [offering that which is equivalent to the guilt of Sin, which as 'tis inconceivably great, fuch mofi the fatisfaction be. A a CHAP.