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The Exijience of G 0 D. Mutability, be without inward trouble ? What can give him repofe and tranquility in his ~ befl condition, but an affurance that nothing can befal him but according to the wife Chap· 7. Connfel and gracious Will of God ? And in extream AtlliCl:ions, in the lafl Agonies, v--v--' when no humane things can afford Relief, when our deareft Friends are not able to comfort us, but are miferable in our miferies, what can bear up our fainting hope but the Divine Power, a foundation that never tails ? What can allay our farrows but the Divine Goodnefs tenderly inclin'd to fua;our us? 0Hr help is in the Lord who made Heaven And Earth. The Creation is a viuble Monument of his Perfell:ions. The Lord ;. a Snn and aSheild. He is all-fufficient to fupply our wants, and fatisfie our defires. As the Sun gives Life and Joy to all the World, and if there were millions of more kinds of Beings and of Individuals in it, his Light and Heat are fu!licimt for them all ; fa the Divine Goodnefscan fupply us with all good things, and ten thoufand Worlds more. And his Power can fecureto us his Favours, and prevent Troubles ; or, which is more admirable, make them beneficial and fubfervient to our felicity. He is a fure Refuge, an inviolable SanCluary ro which wemay retire in all our flreights. His Omnipotence is direll:ed by unerring Wifdom, ·and excited by infinite love, for the good of thofe who faithfully obey him. An humble confidence in him, frees us from anxieties, prefcrves a firm peaceful Temper in the midftof Storms. This gives a fuperiority of Spirits, a true Empire of Mind over all outward things. Rex eft qui pojidt mttiU, Occurritque fuo lihms Fato, necqueriturmori. What was the vain boaft of Philofophers, that by the power of Reafon they could make all accidents to contribute to their happinefs, is the real priviledges we obtain by a regular truft in God, who dircll:s and orders all events that happen for the. everlafting good of his Servants. In the worft circumftances we may rejoyce in Hope, in a certain and quiet expell:ation of a bielfed iffue. In Death it felf we are more · than Conquerors. 0 Lordof Hojls, bleffidi<theMAnthattruftsi•thee. c ·H A P.