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TH .E DIVINITY 0 F THE Chrifl:ian Religion, PROVED By the Evidence of Reafon, and Divine Revelation. CHAP. I. Religion u neceffiry for the honour of God and happinefs ofMan. Among the variety of Religions in the World, 'tu the high# point of Wifdom to confider 11'hich i6 pleajing to God. God alone u to prefcribe the way of hi6 Wor/hip. He hiM revealed it. The truth of Chrijlian Religion ;. made evident by comparing it with aU other Religions. Gentilifm convinc'd of fa!fity by its contraditfing Natural Light in miflaking the objetf of Wor}hip, and in the manner of it. The Idolatry, the impure and ft ivolous Rites, the cruel Sacrifices of the Heathens conjidered. Philofophy was inifetiual to redrefs tho[e fvils. Judaifm conjidered. Tbe ceremonial part of that Religion contains nothing moraJ!y good. 'TwtM of impo.f!ible performance to aU Nations. 'TwM enji!Jn'd the Jews for j}ecial reafons. The carnal Law was to expire at the coming of the Me.f!iah, and give place to the Chrijlian Religion, tbat u aU Life and Spirit. The falfnefs and abfurdity of Mabometifm difcovered by the quality of tbe Author, and its nature; by the frauduleut and violent means wbereby 'twtU propagated; by the quality of thofe who received it, ignorant barbarous Nations; by the. quality of the Reward it propounds, neither becoming God to beftow, nor Man to dejire, HAv ing in fame formerDifcourfes e!lab!i!h'd and clear'd the Foundations of Religion, I !hall proceod to raifethe Superflrucrure. That God is the Maker of the World ; that he obferves our Moral ACtions, and will require an Account of them in the future fla te, and diflribute Eternal Recompences accordingly, has been proved by fuch invin6ble Evidence that Reafon cannot refifl. It follows tbercfoce tha t Religion is necelfary both for the honour of God, and in order to the Happinefs ofMan. For we cannot conceive, but t~1at thewife Creator in making alt things, defign'd his own Glory, bath in the manifeflation of his own PerfeCtions and that they fhould be ac· ' knowledg'd