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___________ #_~~ THE WORKS Of the Late Reverend and Learned William ·Bates, D. D. C 0 N T A I N I N G, I. Difcourfes on the Exiftence of God ; ,.VIII. Spiritual Perjeflion. the Immortality of t!Je Soul; and the IX. Eleven &rmons Oil Jeveral OccaDivinity of the Chriftimz Religion. I fons. 11. The Harmony ofthe Divine Attri-~X. A Sermon "fmn the Death ofQz.eeen bntes. Mary. ,. IlL The great Duty of Refgnation. I XI. A Eimeral Sermon on Dr. Manton. IV. The Danger of Profperity. XII. A Funeral Sermon on Dr. }acomb. V. Sermons of the Fo.rgivenefs of Sins.l XIII. A F_mzeral Sermon on Mr. Baxter : VI. The Sure Trial ofVprightnefs. With lm Life. VII. The Four !aft Things: viz. Death, 1 XIV. A Eimeral Sermon on Mr. Judgment, Heavm, and Hell : (In Clarkfon. which his Book called, The Final I XV. A Funeral Sermon 011 Mr. BenHappmefs ofMdlz, is included.) jaminAfhnr£1:. Towhichareadded, Two Difcourfcs never before Publilhed; V I Z. I. OnDivineMeditatio1z. 11. On the Fear ofGod, &c. Alfo Jome Accomzt of the AVTHOR's Life and Charafler, in afimaal Sermon Preacl/d by the Reverend Mr. Howc. ~~~an Alphiibetical Table to the Whole. , . LONDO~ I Prmted for B. Aylmer, at the Three P1~eons, againft the Royal I Ex{:hange in Cornhill: And J. Robinfon, at the Golden Lion in St. Paul's Church-Yard. M.DCC. _________________________________ _____________ !