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6o Chrijfian Religion proved by Reafon. ~ irafcible, by commending the violent oppreffion of others for the advancement of Chap· 2. Religion. ~ 3· The means by which it had its rife and was propagated : It [prang from impofture; M.zhomet erected an Oracle in his own Fancy, and pretended that the Holy Ghoft de- ~=~~~d;~~~= t~c~d~~~~~t:.rat~~~ Sw~~d15 c~:: i~~d!~~ :~r~t~gh B~~~;v~;u~~:i~. fl~~~ is it flrange that the People fo fiercely taught !hould follow the Religion of the cruel Conquerour? Thus it was planted, thus it increafcd, and is flill maintained by the fame caufes. 4· The quality of thofe who received it. They were Barbarous Nations, and abfolutcly forbid to make an inquiry into the matters of Religion. And how eaiie is it to make an impreffion on the rude lump of the multitude? What wonder is it that pleafam follies !hould ufurp the behef of the ignorant vulgar? 5. It promifes in the future life a Paradife fit for Swine, moft unworthy the glorious Rewarder God, and the excellence of Man. This is fo evident, that Avicen, a Saracen Philofopher, and Mabometanin profefiion, fpeaks witl1 abhorrence ofthofe dreggy Jow delights, and on the contrary affens, that the heighth of Happinefsis in the perfeCtions of the Soul united to God; and thus vertually condemns <heir Faith, as repugnant to the dictates of clear Religion. CHAP. II. The Chriftian Religion diretf!J conjidered. Previous Conjiderations, That there Wil6 Juch a Per[on tU Jefus Chrifi who converfi in the World, and inftituted that Religion, i6 mofi credible from the uniform teftimony of Chriftians in aU Ages. 'Tis equal!J artainthe Books containing the Do8rine of ChriSI, ar~ tranfmitted without material alteration. The proofs of Chriftian !J{fligion, though not equal in clearnefs tofence or fcience, yet are Juff.cient to convince unprejudiced minds of its truth. The intrinjick ExceUencies of the Chriflian Religion comjidered. The Do[frines of the Gofpel iUuftrate Natural Truths concerning God, and reveal what i5 further necejfary for hi6 Gkry and Man's Happinefs. The intire Agreement betweenthem. The GoJPel diji:overs the mifery of Man in its caufes and degrees; and the means of his recovery. It reprefents a full and gloriou.< Image of God's Perfedions in the manner of our Reftoration. Therefore 'ti6 worthy of ail acceptation. The Chriftian Religion fets before m a '1\.ule pure and perJPicuow;, in nothing fuperjluow. or defe8ive. The Promijes of the Go(pd are worthy of God, and fuitahle to the wants and dejires of Men. They offer the Pardon of Sin upon the Condition of Repentance and Faith. The Jupernatural A.f/iflance of the Holy Spirit: Thefupp!J of our temporal wants, and[upport under .Afjli[iions. The Reward of Eternal Life. I Will now confider the Chriflian Religion dirc~ly in it felf. It has t~is noble pre'rogative above the reft, the more one fearches mto 1t, the more 1ts Otvimty appears. Whereas other Religions may pleafe a fud1len Eye, but cannot endure a fenons tryal. Some things are to be premifed. 1. I !hall fuppofe it as a Principle above all doubt, there was fuch a Per[on as Je[us Chrifl, whoconverfed in the World, conGgn'd the Chriftian Dol.lrine to the Apo!lles, and by them 'tis conveyed to us in theNew Teframent. For in afferting it we have the uniform depofition of all that profefs this Religion, from its ri Ce till the pref~nt Age, and in all pans of the World. Though in other things of different opinions, yet they agree in this, that Jefus Chrift was their Founder. Now who can better know the Author