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72 Chriftiitn Religion proved by Reafon. ,-~ by the heat of the Spirits in the Brain, that thofe painted Scenes fcem to be as real Chap. 4· as the fubflamial Obje&, we fee, hear and touch. But found reafon can reflell: upon it ~ [elf, ancl extend its view to the Operations of all the other Faculties, and obferve the juft and certain cljfference between Chim.ttrtU in the imagination, and things really exiftam. It comprehends diflinWy and wJth a!furance, that it is not diflurb'd, and that the Internal and External Senfes are tlifpos'd for their regular Operations. It confiders that the Pageants of fancy moving in a Dream vanifh in a moment upoh waking. But real effclls perceiv'd by the Senfes in their full exercife ate more conflant and durable. One may be wounded in a Dream, . yet feel not lofs of Blood or Strength when he is awake. But the Wounds recetved in a Combat are fomedmes rebell10us again[!: the mofl: Potent Remedies. Now to apply this to the prefent fubj ell. Is it in the leafl degree probable that a vain fhadow in a Dream fhou!d make an indelible impreffion on the Memories of the Apoflle', and their waking Thoughts fhould not difcover the Deceit? Nay that it fhou!d infpire them wJth invincible courage to alfert that Cluifl was truly_rifen? Or who can with the lcafl colour of Reafon accufe the ~ponte.s of_timplicir~ or a~Xdi_forde r ofMind, wh~n fuch are eq!la l, uniform, and firong ~g~~r:r~~~~n:~p·~II~~~;ti~~~l~f~sh: :.;~~~ebe~i~ne~~o,~~;~~u~f/~~~~a~r P~~~~~ed !e~f there be any coherence 'tis iliort~ and always a~tcnded with fome notable extra~aaan ce Befides, the conftant or~er c;>f rhetr Lives and AC.bons was a certain proofof the cornP'ofed~ ne[s and wirdom of the:H Mmds. To fum up briefly what is convincing that the Apofl!cs were fincere and certain in their Tefl:imony. .How c~uld they be deccJ~ed wh~n they faw him do ,Miracl es, or by his power did the !Jke? 01d rhey all Dream m a N1ght, that they law him appear after his Refurrel:tion? What could 1mprefs on them fnch a flrong belief of that, of which the Senfes were the proper Judges? Or could they confpireto invent fuch a falfhood and foeafily to be convinc'd, with the leafl_rational hope that the World fhould believe them? How was it hkely, confidenng thevanable Humours of Men, but that fome of themfelveseitherby violent fears, or attrallive hopes, fhou!dbe prevailed on to difcover the fillion, and leave their !'arty ? What could infpire them with fuch a falfe fecurity, to defpife the greatefl Dangers, and fuc~ a foohfi1 prefumpoon, to_undertake the greatefi Difficulties? !=Jow could they expell: to mduce the ~o:Id to. Beheve m and Worfhip One i gn~:n!umou~y put_ro Death? After fuch a con.vmcmp ev1dence, what. can Reafon, nay SufplCJOn Objell: wlth any colour to weaken the.r Teflunony? The MotJves·ofCredibility are fo flrong that we may be as trul y fatJSfied of the reahty of the thmgs related by the Apoflles, as ifwe ,had been fpe/l:atorsofthemour felves. CHAP. IV. The accompli/hment of Prophecies concerning the Me.Jliab, in Jefru; of Na- · zareth, u an unanjwerable proof tbat he WIU jent from God to !f(edeem the World. The Circumftances of bu Birth , the Actions of hu Life, hu Sujferings and Death clearly foretold. The irreparable De{iruEtion of the State of the Jews mu foretold t1.6 the juft Puni/hment for 'rheir rejecting of the MejJiah. That terrible Event u a continual Proof that Jefus Chrifi Wflh what he _declar'd bimfelf to be, the Son of God. The Converting of the Gentlle World to the Knowledge and Service of the true God by the Meffiah wa> foretold in the Scriptures ; and u vijibly fuljill'd. The Accomplifbment of thu Prophecy by the moft unlikely means, ag~tinft the flrongeft Oppojition, u manifejfly the Effect of f/)ivine Power, and u fofficient to convince the JeTPi/h and Heathen Infidel ry of the truth of Chrifiianity. T HE Accomplifhment of Prophecies concerning the M E SS I AH his coming into the World, the Work he fhould do, his Suil'erings, and the Confequences of them, afford undeniable prcof that }efu• of Naz,nreth came from God for our Salvation. Pre-