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AN Alphabetical Table 0 F THE CONTENTs. A. -They are not purely vindicative Punifh· ,.,,, p. 194 AD!lfh.;; created perfe:~.h;t -;;z::;,"' moderated to thejlreng;~t/. -His Sin, and tht aggravation AffliCiions and Evilt the WiU declines, p.266 of it 93 -Tempwiom attend upon an afflrl1ed -The fatal Confiquences of it 99 {late Ibid. ~His Life in Paradife WIU attended with In Affliflions we ought to apply our [elves to innocent Infrmities 101 God p. 267 ~He wa< not capable of the Vifion of God -When they .re fanCiified ther are con· • in Heaven, without the change of hH fpicuotu Seals of ONY Adopt1on And Title Anim&l Nttture 16~ to Heaven p. 277. -He Wlt4 the Natur11l and Moral Prin· - ·Thty 11re momentttry p. -z 83 cipleof Mankind 104 -Thegoodufeofthtm • p. 323 -An hereditary Corruption is tranfm~t- .A Ji!hmif/ive Behaviour hecomes in Afflittd to aa that are propagated from hrm flron p. 277 104 God's defign in fending AjJiifliom p. 2n Accomplifbment of the Propheciu concermng -For t he preventzon and cure of Sin,lbid. the Mefjiab iw 1efm of Nazareth, is an - To exercife and iOujlrate our Graces, unanfrv.erable proof that he '""' font from p. 2 74 God to redeem the World 73 -To hting and pr pare m f•r Heaven, Admiration)' due to the MJfleries of the Ibid•. Gofpel 166 -They m for profit p. 194 -And to the Love of God in rtdeemmg - The1are the :ryal of our Faith p. 708 of tu 167 Of tbe holy Angefs, and their Perftflions, .Ad<>ption, the tranftendent Priviledge of p. 642 Believers 203 ln the Perfellion of Glory, the Angels are -'Ti& conferr'd in Regener4t ion Ibid. not without change p. 7 so -What it is : Of Evangelical Ad•p· --Of their Creation : How named the tion . 8o2 Sons of God p. 69; -'Tis co~tfirmed to 111 bJ our fobmi/lion to Angels ofLtght tm~tble to redeem Man p. I 76 Ch.jtijiments · 283 Apojlate Angt!s their Jirjl flate,their Sin, and #/f:C::::es ~:~::::~~ a;:rt~l are of fpiri~;]t ~;t;;etJ:;J are exempted from PMe~~:, .Admon~tion to prevent , ~r 1o recover, p. 1 ~ 9 from Sm the more bo!J p. 6 ~) -And no provifton mttde for their recoThe carnal AjfeCiions are the worjl Coanfel· ver; Ibid. fors . p. 5'4 Apo{lles the firjl Preathers of thl GofPel, - The1 are uncapable of apprehending JP• . . P·. u,.q rittulthings p. 515 ----WJthoMt humane Power, and wuhot~t -Tbeyare deteitfu?, veT} numerow and the advantage of Le11rning Ibid. damorol# . Ibid. Vnderjlanding .Agents propound an E"d, AflliCiiom, why (ontinued upon Be/revers, and c!Jooft a Me4rn for tht t;btaining it, P- 1 93 P· "7 Angtr