Baxter - HP BV4920 B38 1829

THE UNCONVE:P.TED. 97 thou owest to me thy Creator and Redeemer, that thou renounce the flesh; the world, and the devil, and turn to me that thou mayst live. I condescend to entreat thee, as thou either lovest or fearest him that made thee ; as thou lovest thine own life, even . thine everlasting life, turn and live: as ever thou wouldst escape eternal misery, turn, turn, for why wilt thou die? " And is there a heart in man, in a reasonable creature, that can once refuse such a message, such a command, such an exhortation as this? 0 what a thing, then, is the heart of man! Hearken, then, all that love yourselves, and all that regard your own salvation; here is the most JOyful message that was ever sent to the ears of man, " Turn ye, turn ye, why will ye die?" You are not yet shut up under desperation. Here is mercy offered you; turn, and you shall have it. 0 sirs! with what glad and joyful hearts should you receive these tidings! I know this is not the first time that you have heard it; but how have you · regarded it, or how do you regard it now? Hear, all you ignorant, careless sinners, the ·word of the Lord. Hear, all you worlcllings, you sensual flesh-pleasers; you glut-: tons) and .drunkards, and whoremongers, and swearers; you railers and backbiters, slanderers and liars - Tum ye, ium ye, why will ye die? Hear, all you cold and outside professors, and all that are strangers to the life ofChrist, and never knew the power of his cross and resurrection, and never felt your hearts warmed with his love, and live not on him as the strength of your souls-" Turn ye, turn ye, why will ye die?" Hear, all that are void of the love of God, whose hearts are not toward him, nor taken up with the hopes of glory, but set more by your earthly pro~ perity and delights than by the joys of heaven; aU you that are religi0us but a little by the by, and give God no more than your flesh can spare; that have not denied your carnal selves, and forsaken all that you have for Christ, in the estimation and grounded 9