Baxter - HP BV4920 B38 1829

108 A CALL TO poor sinner will cast himself into endless torments, if he do not turn. I must in justice deal with him according to my righteous law.' And therefore he calleth after thee, 'rurn, turn. 0 sinner! If thou didst but know the thousandth part as well as God doth, the danger that is near you, and the misery that you are running into, we should have no more need to call after you to turn. Moreover, this voice that calleth to thee, is the same that hath prevailed with thousands already, and called all to heaven that are now there; and they would not now for a thousand worlds that they had made light of it, and not turned to God. Now what are they possessing that turned at God's call? Now they perceive that it was indeed the voice of love, that meant them no more harm than their salvation; and if thou w·ilt obey the same call, thou shalt come to the same happiness. There are millions that must for ever lament that they turned not; but there is never a soul in heaven that is sorry that they were converted. Well, sirs, are you y~t resolved, or are yo~ not? Do I need to say any more to you? vYhat w1ll you do? Wi ll you turn or not? Speak, man, in thy heart to God, though you speak not out to me; speak, lest he take thy silence for denial; speak quickly, lest he never make thee the like offer more; speak resolvedly, and not waveringly, for he will have no indifferents to be his followers. Say in thine heart now, without any more delay, even before thou stir hence, ' By the grace of God I am resolved presently to turn. And because I know my own insufficiency, I am resolved to wait on God for his grace, and to follow him in his ways, and forsake my former courses and companions, and give up myself to the guiflance of the Lord.' Sirs, you are not shut up in the darkness of heathenism, nor in the desperation of the damned. Life is before you, and you may have it on reasonable terms, if yo~1 will; yea, 0n free cost, if you win ~c"".