Baxter - HP BV4920 B38 1829

114 ' A CALL TO he or you are mistaken, when he is for your conversion, and you are against it; he calls upon you to turn, and you will not; he bids you do it presently, even to~day, while it is called to-day, and you delay, and tlnnk it time enough hereafter. He saith it must be a total change, and you must be holy and new creatures, and born again: and you think that less may serve the turn, and that it is enough to patch up the old man, without becoming new. Who is in the right now? God or you? God calleth you to turn, and to live a holy life, and you will not;-by your disobedient lives, it appears you will not. If you will, why do you not? VVhy have you not done it all this while? And why do you not fall upon it yet? Your wills have the command of your lives. We may certainly conclude that you are un- "\Villing to turn, when you do not turn: And why will you not? Can you give any reason for it, that is worthy to be called a reason ? I that am but a worm, your fellow creature, of a shallow capacity, dare challenge the wisest of you all to reason the case with me, while I pleaJ my Maker's cause; and I need not be discouraged when I know I plead but the cause that God pleadeth, and contend for him that will have the best at last. Had I but these two general grounds against you, I am sure that you have no good reason on your siue. I am sure it can be no good reason which is against the God of truth and reason. It cannot be light that is contrary to the sun. There is no knowledge in any creature but what it had from God; and therefore none can be wiser than God. It were fatal presumption for the highest angel to compare with his Creator! What is it then for a lu,mp of earth, an ignorant sot, that knoweth not himself nor his 'own soul, that knoweth but little of the things which he r;eeth, yea, that is more ignorant than many of his neigh- . bours, to set himself against the wisdom of the Lord ! It is one of the fullest discoveries of the horrible wick-